Intel Confirms Moorestown Launch For 2010

While 2010 still seems forever away, at least Intel isn't looking to delay things further with regard to its Moorestown platform. At the company's Developer Forum in Beijing, China, it confirmed that the MID platform would indeed launch sometime next year. Unfortunately, it failed to lock down a specific month or quarter, but we get the feeling we'll be hearing more exact details at its get-together in San Francisco this fall.

Moorestown will reportedly launch alongside a brand new version of Moblin, a Linux-based operating system that Intel crafted for small, handheld devices. Said platform will be designed around the firm's Lincroft system-on-chip (SoC), which includes an Atom processor core and a memory controller hub. To date, MIDs haven't enjoyed huge success in the mainstream, with most folks deciding to opt for a netbook or smartphone instead. Many analysts have suggested that the impending Moorestown launch is the shot in the arm that MIDs have been waiting for, but obviously only time will tell.

During IDF, Intel's head of Ultra Mobility, Anand Chandrasekher, demonstrated a device with Moorestown using ten times less power when idling than a similar device running a current Atom chip. Intel also noted that the new iteration of Moblin will be "optimized for a PC-like experience on the Internet and cellular voice capabilities." Speaking of, Moorestown will be the first family of chips from Intel that'll posses 3G cellular capabilities, and there will also be versions with WiMAX and HSPA support. MIDs that make phone calls? Sign us up.