Intel Comet Lake-S 'KF' Desktop CPUs Rock Up To 10 Cores, Lack integrated Graphics

Intel Engineer
Intel's 10th generation Core processors based on its Comet Lake-S architecture are headed to desktops in the very near future, though are not quite here yet. While we wait, the leaks keep on coming. The latest leak highlights three "KF" variants with up to 10 physical cores and 20 threads, and without integrated graphics in tow.

The information comes by way of a supposed Intel slide. In addition to the three KF models, it also shows three "K" variants. For anyone who is not familiar with Intel's designations, a K processor means it sports an unlocked multiplier (which makes overclocking a lot easier) and an F processors does not feature an iGPU.

Here's a look at the low-resolution slide...

INtel Comet Lake Slide
Source: Informatica Cero

According to the slide, Intel is prepping three KF models, those being the Core i9-10900KF, Core i7-10700KF, and Core i5-10600KF. It's entirely possible these parts failed Intel's integrated graphics testing, but rather than toss the silicon into a trash bin (or whatever Intel does with such things), labeling them as KF allows the company to salvage the chips. Likewise, Intel could simply be looking to flesh out its Comet Lake lineup on the desktop.

Either way, outside of integrated graphics being there or not being there, the specifications for the KF and K models are the same across the board. Here's a look...
  • Core i9-10900KF: 10 cores / 20 threads, 3.7GHz to 5.3GHz, 20MB cache, 125W TDP
  • Core i9-10900K: 10 cores / 20 threads, 3,7GHz to 5.3GHz, 20MB cache, 125W TDP
  • Core i7-10700KF: 8 cores / 16 threads, 3.8GHz to 5.1GHz, 16MB cache, 125W TDP
  • Core i7-10700K: 8 cores / 16 threads, 3.8GHz to 5.1GHz, 16MB cache, 125W TDP
  • Core i5-10600KF: 6 cores / 12 threads, 4.1GHz to 4.8GHz, 12MB cache, 125W TDP
  • Core i5-10600K: 6 cores / 12 threads, 4.1GHz to 4.8GHz, 12MB cache, 125W TDP
To keep things simple, we listed the top speed of each processor, which can be one of several different boost ratings. All of the boost clocks between the KF and K model of any particular SKU are the same, though, whether it's the single-core boost frequency, all-core boost frequency, and so forth.

That said, the Core i9-10900KF and Core i9-10900K are the only two out of the above bunch with support for Thermal Velocity Boost. This gives those chips the ability to boost even higher when using a meatier cooling solution.

The slide also highlights three lower power variants, each with a 65W TDP. They include the following the models...
  • Core i9-10900F: 10 cores / 20 threads, 2.8GHz to 5.2GHz, 20MB cache, 65W TDP
  • Core i7-10700F: 8 cores / 16 threads, 2.9GHz to 4.7GHz, 16MB cache, 65W TDP
  • Core i5-10400F: 6 cores / 12 threads, 2.9GHz to 4.3GHz, 12MB cache, 65W TDP
Like the Core i9-10900KF and Core i9-10900K, the Core i9-10900F supports Thermal Velocity Boost as well, with a top frequency of 5.2GHz.

It will be interesting to see how all this pans out. Comet Lake-S is another iteration of Intel's 14-nanomter node. It's a highly mature and refined node at this point, though we are still waiting for Intel to launch 10nm desktop parts in volume, which might come by the end of the year.