Intel CEO Gelsinger Hints At October 27 Alder Lake 12th Gen CPU Launch

alder lake hero
All the pieces to the puzzle seem to be coming together for the next significant leap in PC computing. Microsoft first announced its Windows 11 operating system last month, and Intel has been talking up its 12th generation Alder Lake processor technology for every longer. Both are rumored for a late October launch, but Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger seemingly confirmed the launch date for Alder Lake this week during the Intel Accelerated event.

Gelsinger confirmed that an Intel Innovation event would take place from October 27th through October 28th. He revealed that the event would be held in-person or virtually where everyone can participate, but he went on to note with a smirk that "this event will be fully hybrid." We may be reading too much into that comment, but Gelsinger might be subtly hinting at Alder Lake, which will be the first big test of its hybrid processor architecture after Lakefield sort of stumbled out of the gate.

"Our new technical conference will focus on the latest technologies to deliver AI, 5G, Edge, Cloud and PC solutions with speed and real-world scale," writes Intel on its invite page for the event.

Alder Lake will leverage the Intel 7 process node, previously referred to as 10nm Enhanced Superfin. It will offer a 10 to 15 percent performance-per-watt gain over existing 11th generation Rocket Lake-based processors. Alder Lake's hybrid CPU design will combine up to 8 high-performance Golden Cove cores with 8 Gracemont efficiency cores, as seen in the alleged Core i9-12900K. Only the Gold Cove cores support HyperThreading which means that the Core i9-12900K would have 16 cores but "only" 24 threads (instead of 32). Other alleged members of the Alder Lake-S family include the 12-core/20-thread Core i7-12700K and the 10-core/16-thread Core i5-12600K.

Intel is expecting significant IPC gains for Alder Lake compared to Rocket Lake, and the platform will usher in PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory support for consumer platforms.