Intel Centrino Duo Whitebook: A DIY Notebook

Hello Everyone. We've just posted an article at detailing the process of assembling a Centrino Duo Whitebook. We give plenty of background information regarding the different platforms and discuss the pros and cons of the DIY notebook market. Here's a snip from the piece...

"Desktop PC owners have enjoyed this level of flexibility for years and a migration to a Notebook platform quickly reminds us how we have taken this all for granted. Consumers are starting to demand the same level of flexibility that they enjoy with Desktop PCs now their Laptops, however. The large value-added resellers like Dell, HP and Sony have heard our cries and have begun offering more options on their products, but it's still not enough for many people. Bare-bones laptops, coined "Whitebooks", appeared on the scene promising to offer the same level of upgradeability and customization enjoyed by desktop barebones PCs."

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