Intel Arc Livestream Q&A With Special Guests Martyn Stroeve And Scott Wasson Of Intel Graphics

intel arc hero
While AMD and NVIDIA have primarily duked it out in the enthusiast discrete graphics card market for well over a decade, Intel is looking to kick the door and join the party. Intel announced that its first-generation Alchemist graphics cards would debut in Q1 2022 with compelling performance and modern technologies like real-time ray tracing, variable-rate shading, and AI-based upscaling for games.

With this in mind, we will have a Q&A session with Intel this week to dig deeper into what makes Arc tick. We'll have Martyn Stroeve, Intel Senior Director Graphics Product Marketing, and Scott Wasson, Senior Manager Graphics Tech Analysis on hand to give us the low-down.

It should be an exciting discussion as we delve into topics like Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX) and Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) support, which are crucial in making the first Arc-branded cards competitive in the hot discrete graphics market.

So, be sure to join us this Wednesday (9/1/2021) at 5:30 pm ET for a front-row seat to all things involving Intel Arc.