Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs Break Cover In Retail Listings

Intel 14th Gen Core i9 news
With the launch of Intel's upcoming 14th Gen Core desktop CPUs approaching, seeing leaks from the community anre retailers is not surprising. Case in point, Spanish retailer CoolMod has listed the Core i9-14900K(F) and Core i5-14600K(F), which will supplant the Core i9-13900K(F) and Core i5-13600K(F). Not only do these listings confirm that the 14900K and 14600K come with significantly higher clock speeds, they also have higher price tags attached to them.

The Core i9-14900K and 14900KF are listed at €799.96 and €779.95 respectively, while the Core i5-14600K and 14600KF are €429.95 and €389.95. Of course, these are priced in euros (while Intel's MSRPs are in US dollars) and in a country where value added tax (or VAT) is applied, so these numbers don't mean too much on their own. Videocardz has however compiled current pricing for 13th Gen CPUs at CoolMod, and the comparison shows a clear premium for the 14th Gen chips. (The 13900K is currently selling for €639.94 while the 13600K is going for €341.95.)

core i9 13900ks wafer

Of course, 13th Gen CPUs have been on the shelves for about a year now, and are on sale. When 13th Gen CPUs launched, Computerbase compiled a list of prices for all the models, and this comparison is quite a bit better for 14th Gen. The 13900K and 13600K launched at €749.90 and €409.90 respectively, which is still cheaper than the 14900K and 14600K but not by very much.

Additionally, pricing leaks for upcoming products are always questionable, especially when it comes to CPUs. If you look around for similar pricing leaks about 13th Gen CPUs, Ryzen 7000 CPUs, and even older generations, you'll come across leaks that turned out to be inaccurate. Though, we should probably expect 14th Gen to be more expensive than 13th Gen at retail anyways, especially right after launch.