Ransomware Gang Leaks 1.67 Terabytes Of Files After Hacking Spider-Man 2 Dev Insomniac Games

insomniac games data leaked after ransom not paid
Earlier this month, ransomware group Rhysida announced that it had breached Sony’s Insomniac Games, taken files, and was purportedly demanding a ransom of $2 million. It has been a week since then, and thus the deadline has passed to pay the ransom, so Rhysida has elected to publish the 1.67 terabytes of data it stole.

The trove of data includes a plethora of documents from varying places, including employee passports and personal information, game development and design screenshots, confidential emails, and much more. Cyber Daily reports that another point of interest is a publishing agreement between Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment to develop three X-Men games, the first of which being a Wolverine title.

breach insomniac games data leaked after ransom not paid

In an email to the group from Cyber Daily, Rhysida explained that they “knew who we were attacking,” and that they managed “to get domain administrator within 20-25 minutes of hacking the network.” The motivation for this attack was also solely rooted in financial gain, given the knowledge that Insomniac would be an easy target with big backing. However, it seems not much money was made as only 2% of the breached data was purchased from the group, with the remaining 98% going public.

This attack follows a breach of all of Sony’s systems in September from RansomedVC, who was demanding a staggering $88 billion for the data. With this in mind, it would seem that Sony and its subsidiaries need some cybersecurity consulting to harden its networks overall, as this cannot keep happening.