Inside Windows Vista's New Image-Based Install

Microsoft's Windows Vista is only weeks away from public consumption, so it's time to start getting informed on all of the new features and intricacies of the new OS, if you haven't already done so that is.  APC Magazine has an informative article on-line today dealing with Vista's new image-based installation process.

"Vista's installation process is dramatically different to any previous version of Windows: rather than being an 'installer', the install DVD is actually a preinstalled copy of Windows that simply gets decompressed onto your PC. So how does it adjust to your hardware? How do you slipstream updates and drivers into it? Can you also 'preinstall' your favourite apps into your Vista DVD? And most importantly, can you build a custom Vista install DVD that doesn't install all the 'free AOL trial' crap that typically comes bundled in with Windows?

From personal experience, I can say that installing Vista is easier than any other version of Windows to date.  Getting around within the OS, however, will definitely take some getting used to.