Insane Overclock: Intel P4 631 at 8GHz

What do you get when you mix a golden P4 sample with a fully volt-modded Asus P5B and a vat of liquid nitrogen? Yup, you guessed it! Some SERIOUS overclocking. And we mean SERIOUS. A couple of fellow Italianos recently broke the 8GHz barrier and have the evidence posted up in the XtremeSystem's forum.

"Yesterday we and our dear friend qballe tested again our golden p4 631, with a fullmod P5B; the results are simply awesome! Here's the setup: P$ 631 alien, Asus p5b dlx full mod, 2 x 1Gbyte Cellshock (1 giga Adata for max screen), Ali PC P&C 1kw. Thx to everyone that believed in us and to our friend Marco for the fantastic day. Insane."

And no, I'm not the Marco they're thanking. :)

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