Industry Update, EPoX 915P mobo, and more!

Well folks, looks like I'm officially part of the HH Team now... Hello ;) The news is slow again this week(though not as slow as I am this morning), but I'll give you what there is, and then I'm off to watch the Patriots game. Here we go...

Samsung CLP-550N Color Laser Printer @ XYZ Computing

"The whopping onboard memory of 128MB is more than enough to handle most complicated documents such as large raster images, complex vector images from software such as Adobe Illustrator. Huge PDF files tend to be a big culprit with holding up printer spoolers, but they are not an issue with this beast. In fact, the printer's RAM helps it to buffer large amounts of documents at once, so that there is little chance of a logjam during network printing."

Industry Update @ t-break

"We recently visited Taiwan and got the scoop on quite a few upcoming technologies like nVidia's C19 chipset for the P4 and 6200 with "Turbo Cache" graphics core. We also spoke to most of the manufacturers to get some insights on whats hot and whats not."

EPoX 915P Motherboard under the scope @ TweakTown

"Today we are taking a look at their 5EPA board which is based around Intel's 915P chipset with DDR memory support. Does the overclocking trend still exist today or does EPoX have a little more work to do? Read on and find out as we take a closer look!"

Antec NeoPower 480W PSU @ Viper Lair

"Antec have released another great power supply. The NeoPower 480 provided solid voltages across the board, dual 12v rails and a 120mm temperature controlled fan for quieter cooling. I would have liked to see all the cables sleeved and all of the cables modular, but the performance easily outweighs these slight downsides."

OCZ EL PC3200 Platinum Revision 2 Dual Channel Kit @ LAN Addict

"After the smoke has cleared and all the dust has settled, what do we have? Well, I think we have one very im pressive PC3200 dual channel memory kit from OCZ! While it may need its timings loosened up a bit fairly quickly in the overclocking game, there is no denying that OCZ has a fantastic product here. About the only thing they could improve upon would be increasing the voltage they'll cover under warranty from 2.9V to 3.0V ."