Indamixx 2 Music Tablet Goes With MeeGo, Atom CPU

There's no question that tablet PCs are the hottest consumer electronics device of 2010. No one single product category has seen more growth and hype surround it this year, and it really all started with Apple's launch of the iPad. But since then, companies have come out of the woodwork in order to get a piece of the pie. Only time will tell if tablets have staying power or if they're just a novelty, but we're a little surprised to already see at least one tablet coming to market with a very niche, specific purpose.

Indamixx is a small hardware/software company that tends to focus their products on the music industry. This new tablet, the Indamixx 2, is a gorgeous looking piece of hardware, but rather than competing directly with the iPad, Galaxy Tab or any other Windows 7-based tablet, this unit is carving its own path. It ships with a MeeGo-based operating system; it's one of the first full scale tablets of 2010 to use MeeGo. But it's a unique build that caters to those who make music, with the specific layer on top called Transmission 5.0.

Underneath, it's just MeeGo, which is built upon Linux. So it can act just like a standard tablet when you need it to. As for specifications, the beta version ships with a 1.66GHz Atom N450, while a dual-core chip is planned for the final edition. There's also 2GB of memory, a VGA output, Ethernet jack, and three USB 2.0 ports. The beta build is selling for $999 in limited quantities, with no set price mentioned on the final build.
Tags:  Linux, tablet, slate, meego