In case One Isn't Enough, ATI Is Planning Quad Setups For R600

Supposedly AMD/ATI's R600 is slated to be released in March.  Also rumor has it that ATI is planning quad setups to be a very real possibility for their new line of Direct X 10 cards. By utilizing four cards in a single setup, ATI's R600 promises to be an amazing graphics processing powerhouse but also promises to consume more power then a graphics solution has ever needed before. If you thought a 1000 watt power supply was going overboard, wait until you see the power requirements for running four R600s in one system -- if in fact the rumors are true...

We learned one more critical detail about the R600. The chip can and will support Quad setups. It will work with four cards. ATI has been working to solve the four card performance problem for a while. Nvidia tried it and we tested the Quad SLI with two 7950 GX2 cards but we got super lame performances out of it. The power supply manufacturers are thrilled about four cards in a high-end machine as such a system will demand a lot of power, probably even more than 1000W.
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