If You're Renting To A Blockbuster Video, Sell The Building Now

Sonic Solutions (duplicating software) and Macrovision (encryption) announced Monday their partnership to offer retailers and movie studios the technology to download films and sell DVDs on demand, freeing up warehouses and shelf space.

The software could also be beneficial to movie studios. Only 25% of titles in studio vaults are made available on DVD because three-quarters of the films wouldn't attract enough buyers, Sherf said. "The vast library of content has not been released because of the cost involved," he said. "Studios have to produce DVDs by the millions, and it's impossible to do that for every film."

1. Shop Online? Check

2. Avoid staring at rack after rack of Alexander director's cuts VCR tapes, while everything else is rented? Check

3. Avoid wandering around video rental store with tot while slasher pic plays on fifteen screens overhead? Check

4. 5 different kinds of DVD ripper software advertised at bottom of page of article? Check

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