IDF Technology Showcase Floor Coverage, USB3, Archos and More

Intel Developer Forum is still in full swing with a buzz, here in downtown San Francisco, of all things digitally connected and bleeding-edge.  We're working like slaves to bring you breaking keynote coverage and developments as they happen and thought you'd all enjoy a quick whirl-wind photo tour of the Tech Showcase floor.  The Technology Showcase is where Intel ecosystem partners show their wares in hopes to garner traction for the Intel platforms they help to enable.  It's also a place where OEMs roll out their goods based on the latest and greatest Intel technologies.  There's lots to see and do but rather than ramble with hyperbole, we're going to let the pictures do the talking to you...

Little Iron and Big Iron - Right: various Atom-based NAS Devices, Left: Verari's Monster Storage Server

Buffalo's USB 3.0 External HDD Pushing 120MB/sec, IDT Display Port X4 Hub, Moblin In-Car Infotainment

Intel Enthusiast Heatsink and Kingston's SSD RAID box with multiple 4x Intel SSD RAID 0 arrays

Archos9 Hand-Held PC, Windows 7, 1GB RAM, 60GB HD and fluidly smooth

The highlight of the Tech Showcase for us was seeing USB 3.0 alive and well pushing over 120MB/sec on an external storage device by Buffalo Tech - only limited by the throughput of the hard drive inside.  With a fast SSD attached, double the data-rate or faster could be possible of course.  And finally, no other little device at the show has made such a buzz as the Archos9 hand-held PC, seen here rocking Windows 7 and yes it was actually pretty snappy with an Atom Z515 processor under its hood.  Stay tuned for more IDF updates coming soon!