Ideum Reveals 55" 1080p "Platform" Multi-Touch Table

Are you looking for a new dining room table? What about a new dining room tablet? What about a combination of both? Ideum has just revealed what may be the most incredible table your home could ever imagine, but it's likely overkill for most. Packed within the MT-55 (also known as "The Platform) is a full-blown PC, with a Core i5/i7 CPU, RAM, storage, and Windows 7 Pro. That computer is necessary to run the 55" touch panel on top, which touts over 30 touch points and basically turns whatever room you place it in into a multi-touch extravaganza.

The top part of the table measures just 3" thick, and the resolution is 1080p. The table is obvious marketed towards businesses and folks with gobs of extra money -- at $17,950, it isn't even close to affordable, but boy is it spectacular.

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