id Software Doom Trailer Marks An Unleashing At QuakeCon

Doom” is one of those titles that is both legendary and also has been a frustrating tease. Back in 2012 “Doom 3” was remastered (we guess) for the Xbox and PS3, and earlier this year you could get access to a new Doom beta if you preordered “Wolfenstein” (what?).

But now, in conjunction with QuakeCon 2014, it seems that an actual Doom game is coming. Or at least, there’s a trailer, so that’s something.

Unfortunately, the trailer shows us next to nothing about the actual gameplay, but you can see a very dark, very frightening emergence of a beast--”an unholy union of flesh and metal”--that definitely wants to kill things.


If you’re a fan of the Doom games, you should be excited.