IcyDock MB453SPF-B SATA Multi-Bay Backplane Module

For about $90USD, you can add three extra(hot swappable) hard drives to your machine using the IcyDock MB453SPF-B Multi-Bay Backplane Module. In their latest review, PCStats checks to see if this new device is a handy piece of hardware, or just another electronic dud.

"The IcyDock MB453SPF-B multi-bay backplane module is a box the size of a couple optical drives stacked on top of one another that stores a handful of serial ATA hard drives in compact, individually hot swappable drive caddy's. When internal hard drive space in a computer case is full, or if quick access to hard drives is called for, this box will allow you to add up to three SATA hard drives in the space normally occupied by two 5.25" optical drives. "


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