IBM Watson To Power AI Assisted Voice Commands In Star Trek Bridge Crew VR Game

IBM is boldly going where no company has gone before. IBM just announced that Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR game will incorporate Watson's interactive speech and cognitive capabilities.

IBM Chief Developer Advocate Willie Tejada, remarked, “For the first time, Watson will power the technology that makes it possible for gamers and fans of Star Trek to interact with the crew. We are only just seeing the impact of virtual and augmented reality and IBM is committed to providing developers with the tools they need to innovate and be competitive in this AI and Cognitive era.”

Watson Ubisoft Star Trek Bridge Crew

Watson will allow players to give interactive voice commands to virtual members of Starfleet. They will also be able to use speech in order to interact with other players online. IBM hopes that Watson will help players to enjoy the game without “breaking immersion”.

IBM also released its new “VR Speech Sandbox” software to developers. The Sandbox combines Watson Unity SDK with Watson Speech to Text and Watson Conversation. Developers will be able to use Watson voice interaction capabilities in their own VR applications and services.

IBM Watson

IBM has been working on expanding Watson’s capabilities and reach. This past autumn, General Motors and IBM announced that they would be combining OnStar and Watson to create OnStar Go, the first auto cognitive mobility platform. OnStar Go recognizes the driver’s habits and sends that information to different companies in order to offer individualized location-based recommendations.

It also recently released Project Intu, a system agnostic platform allows for the integration of Watson capabilities into various end-user form factors. Developers are ultimately able to incorporate cognitive experiences into a variety of products and services, such as avatars, robots, drones, and IoT devices.

Watson’s speech capabilities for the game will be released some time this summer as part of a beta period. Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be out May 30th, 2017.