I Can't Wait To Hear How This Didn't Happen

The smug factor with the iPhone is off the charts. I personally don't need a PDA I can yell into, so I don't have much of an opinion about it.  But it will be fun to see the reaction of the Apple fanatics to the announcement that the iPhone is susceptible to being taken over by hackers if you visit a malicious website or tap into a bad internet hotspot with it. I imagine it will be a kind of sticking of fingers in the ears and chanting la la la until Steve Jobs makes it go away, and then it will have never happened.

The flaw applies not only to the iPhone, which was launched just three weeks ago, but also to Apple computers running Mac OS and the company's Safari Web browser, a version of which comes with the iPhone. It does not affect Safari running on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows systems.

The researchers at Baltimore-based ISE haven't released the specifics of the vulnerability to the public, but have provided details to Apple and supplied the company with a patch, a software update for plugging the hole.

I doubt any breach will harm the end user much. How much money could they possibly have left to steal? Steve Jobs has it all.
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