Download squad has an amusing -- and spot-on -- list of the 5 most annoying programs on your PC. It's delightfully vicious about its bloatware choices, and unlike many such lists, it isn't just some fanboi attacking software from one vendor.  Its choice at number 1 is Acrobat Reader, which is hard to argue with. Who among us has not done the "Acrobat cringe" when you accidentally click a .pdf link?

Acrobat reader does one thing poorly -- read PDFs. To do this it needs to download updates at least twice a month. Acrobat's other big feature is the ability to bring your system to a roaring halt while it boots up its massive amount of plugins and libraries. All this to display (wait for it) -- a page.

FoxIt Reader is a much better solution. Download it, and you'll no longer cringe each time your accidentally click on a PDF link while browsing the internet.

Apple lovers, if you think you're off the hook, read the headline. That's Number Two. 
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