HyperX Unveils New Predator RGB Memory, Peripherals, SSD, And Wireless Headset At CES 2018

alloy elite rgb peripherals

While hopping through various suites at CES 2018, we stopped in to check on our friends at HyperX – Kingston’s high-performance products division – to see what they were showing off at the show. It turns out the company had an array of newly-announced peripherals, memory, and storage products, each with their own signature HyperX flare...

Here’s a quick video-tour of a few of the stand-out products that were on display. The HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB memory kit wasn’t your typical run-of-the-mill set of brightly-lit memory modules. HyperX actually incorporated infra-red sensors into the DIMMs that keep the lighting in-sync. Most other RGB memory kits feature DIMMs that work independently from one another and usually have lighting that goes out of sync in a relatively short time. That doesn’t happen with the HyperX Predator DDR4 kit. If you block the infra-red sensors on the DIMMs, they will go out of sync, but otherwise they pulsate in lock-step, depending on the selected lighting mode.

hyper x rgb ram

HyperX was also showing off some new RGB peripherals. The Alloy Elite RGB keyboard features Cherry MX keys-switches (of various types) and individually lit keys that can be controlled through software. The upcoming HyperX Pulse-Fire Surge mouse was on-display alongside the Alloy Elite RGB. The Pulse-Fire Surge mouse features an RGB LED light-bar that wraps around the entire mouse and is coming in Q2.

hyper x cloud flight

The RBG madness didn’t stop there. The company was also showing off the HyperX Fury RGB SSD, which is coming later in the year. The HyperX Fury RGB SSD has a typical 2.5” form factor, but as you can see in the video above, it’s got lighted features along the top.

A new Cloud Flight wireless headset also launched at the show. The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headset uses 2.4GHz RF transmission, and with the LEDs disabled, offers up to 30 hours battery life.