HyperMac MagSafe Cables Will Not Be Sold After November 2nd

Ever heard of HyperMac? If you have ever shopped for an extended battery pack for your MacBook, MacBook Pro or iPad/iPhone, then you probably have. The company has earned somewhat of a positive reputation in the Apple circle for offering some of the best external battery packs around for Apple's line of notebooks, but all of that is coming to an end soon.

Earlier this year, Apple actually filed a patent infringement lawsuit claiming that the company never got the correct permission (or paid up, basically) to use Apple's patented MagSafe connector. Each HyperMac external battery pack ships with a power cable that enables the battery to connect to the Apple notebook via the standard break-away MagSafe connector. Apple claimed that HyperMac never had permission to use that MagSafe connector, and all along HyperMac has been profiting from Apple's technology without paying anything to Apple specifically.

After the suit was filed, nothing else was said about it in public. But it's pretty clear how the negotiations have gone behind closed doors. Now, HyperMac has announced that all of that MagSafe / HyperMac battery cables will no longer be sold after November 2nd of this year. That gives consumers just a couple of weeks to stock up, because after that, they'll be impossible to purchase from the first party.

This is a shame for anyone interested in keeping their MagSafe laptops alive for long periods of time, but if there's a silver lining, it's that MagSafe is actually somewhat old at this point. Surely Apple has another connector in the works, so maybe HyperMac can figure out a license agreement to actually sell the next one without this legal mess hanging over them.