Hulu Plus iOS App Ditches In-App Marketing, Upon Apple's New Rule Request

Many would argue that Apple simply has too much power. Of course, they probably earned that power, and the developer / consumer support is obviously there, but there's no question that companies take a little liberty when at the top. A few weeks ago, Apple changed their mind on subscription app rules, saying that an app could remain in the store without a link to an external site, or it could use Apple's in-app purchasing system if you feel like giving Apple a 30% cut of your earnings.

Now, Hulu's getting prepared for the switchover, which occurs in just over a week. The company has subtly removed an external link on the Hulu Plus iOS app that previously led people to hunt for Hulu Plus subscription pages. Now, it operates without a link at all. That means that Hulu cannot advertise their external website to get access; people will just have to figure it out. It's a tough call; comply with Apple and risk losing eyeballs, or comply with Apple and start cutting off 30% of your revenue stream.

We doubt Hulu's the only company working through an app alternation right now, and if you're one of those get cracking!

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