Hulu Plus Enters Public Beta Phase

Hulu Plus has opened to all, according to a Thursday morning blog post on Hulu's website. Until now, anyone interested in Hulu's pay service had to have an invitation.

In addition, Hulu announced the availability of Hulu Plus on Sony BRAVIA 2010 TVs. They added that the service will be expanding to other BRAVIA devices in the (near) future. Additionally, in the next week, all PS3 owners with a PlayStation Network account will be able to download and subscribe to Hulu Plus, coinciding with an updated PS3 app.

Although it's now open to all, Hulu Plus is still in the preview stage. The service costs $9.99 a month, and reportedly has had minimal success with adding customers (which may explain the expanded offering); rumors have had the service cost being cut in half, though it hasn't happened (yet).