Hulu Plus App Comes To Windows 8, Tile-Based Interface And All

Guess what? With Windows 8 on the horizon, companies everywhere are updating their apps to work with Microsoft's latest desktop operating system. Take Hulu, for example. A pioneer in online video, the company has just revealed that Windows 8 will be supported by the time you can get your hands on a new machine. The Hulu Plus app will be the one to look for, as the development team has reportedly been "heads down" crafting a "gorgeous" new interface to showcase the potential of Windows 8. The app will be available to the general public on October 26th, but those of you with early access to Windows 8 can check out the Hulu Plus app now. And yes, a few "new goodies" are promised.

The whole UI is tailored for touch, with a "simple and clean" interface in the forefront. Naturally, there's a tile-based look to the whole thing, matching Microsoft's own ambitions that it began with Metro. Have a peek at the video below to see what's included. If you weren't a Hulu Plus subscriber, might the new digs convince you to join the herd?