Hulu Launches ’The Perfect GIF’ Search Engine To Fuel Sick Internet ‘Burns’

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than an animated GIF has to be worth what, about a ten thousand Internet burn points? The actual value depends on the GIF in question and proper placement, be it in an forum argument or an email chain in which a co-worker says something stupid, but whatever, let's not get caught up in the math. All you need to know is that Hulu is now a source of high-quality GIFs.

It's called "The Perfect GIF" and, appropriately enough, it's hosted at Tumblr. However, it's a highly customized experience that allows you to search and discover GIFs from various TV shows. You can search for tags assembled into various categories, including shows, actions, reactions, LOL, current TV, OMB, fail, and swag.

Hulu Tags

At present there are over 1,400 GIFs from popular shows like Parks and Recreation, Scrubs, Revenge, Bob's Burgers, and more. It's a brilliant play by Hulu, which not only brings more attention to itself and its subscription service, but also exposes its network partners to a key demographic that participates in current culture.

But Hulu also left room for criticism by branding its GIFs with the show's logo and network designation in the lower left corner, and a Hulu hashtag in the right. That gives Hulu's GIFs an unwanted corporate feel, and even if you overlook the company's graffiti, you'll be reminded that these aren't fan-made GIFs when spying the disclaimer above the social media links, which indicate that by clicking the buttons you agree to Hulu's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Legalese aside, it's 
another fun resource for GIFs, and one that Hulu said it plans to keep updated as new shows and episodes air. Head over and check it out!

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