HTPC - TV Tuner Reviews

Without question, one of the fastest areas of advancement in this industry can be seen in GPU development. Not content with this rapid growth alone, the usual suspects are now placing an emphasis on the entertainment and multimedia aspect of graphics. Anandtech takes a look at the latest crop of TV tuners to see how this market has progressed since their last hardware roundup.

Overall, none of the cards reviewed today are perfect. There are three options covered here: great analog with no digital; great digital with no analog recording unless you have a dual-core system; or decent analog and great digital with a slightly less friendly user interface. What we really want now is to have ATI, PowerColor, or someone else equal the analog quality of the Theater 550 and add in DTV support - and personally the QAM support is required, as OTA just doesn't work for my needs. Even though dealing with the numerous sub-channels on digital cable can be irritating, it's better than not to have the ability to receive those channels at all.