HTC's Big Problem is Brand Marketing, CEO Tells Employees

Much of Android's success can be attributed to HTC's early efforts to promote the open source platform, and in the beginning, none were more aggressive than HTC. These days it's Samsung that sits on top, while HTC struggles to turn around its business. Did HTC rest on its laurels, or is there another reason why it's no longer leading the charge?

If you ask HTC chief Peter Chou, he'll tell you the problem lies squarely in brand marketing. That's what he told his fellow co-workers in an internal email, anyway. The email, which was leaked online, also points to cross department communication and execution issues. In other words, HTC's problems are self inflicted.

HTC Evo V 4G

At the top of the list is brand marketing, which is the reason Chou believes good products may sometimes go unnoticed or overlooked in favor of competing devices. One thing that could help HTC is if it's able to roll out all those promised Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) updates that smartphone owners have been waiting for. That alone won't be enough, however.

Going forward, HTC has previously said it's going to focus efforts on releasing less devices, making sure it gets each one right rather than inundating the market with a million and one different Android phones.