HTC Vive Cosmos Headset Arrives October 3rd Powering New Wireless VR Experiences

VR devices have greatly improved over the years and the next generation of headsets is better than ever. HTC will release its new Vive Cosmos headset on October 3rd. The Vive Cosmos features inside-out tracking, easy set-up, and new mods.

htc vive cosmos

HTC originally unveiled the Vive Cosmos at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but recently revealed more about the device’s specs. The HTC Vive Comos includes dual 3.4 inch diagonal screens, a resolution of 1440 x 1700 pixels per eye or a combined total of 2880 x 1700 pixels, and a 90Hz refresh rate. This is nearly double the amount of pixels of the original. The real RGB panels offer “40 percent improved lens clarity” over the HTC Vive as well. The Vive Cosmos also features a 110-degrees field of vision to keep users immersed in their experience.

The Vive Cosmos includes six cameras, inside-out tracking, and no minimum space requirement. Although the headset has improved user’s range of motion, it is not a standalone headset. It includes a USB 3.0 port and DisplayPort 1.2 to connect to a PC. Users will be able to purchase a separate wireless adapter to completely eliminate cords. The inside-out tracking allows for “plug-and-play portability” and the headset is compatible with “VR-ready” PCs.  

HTC has improved the quality and comfort of their headset. The Vive Cosmos is lightweight, fits over glasses, and incorporates an adjustable interpupillary dial. It includes new controllers that light up when in use. The headset also features a flip-up visor that allows users to quickly switch between reality and virtual reality.

HTC is perhaps the most proud of its new headset mods. Users will be able to purchase mods to improve and customize their experience. For example, the “external tracking mod” will include Lighthouse tracking support. HTC has not yet announced any additional mods.

htc vive comos resolution

The Vive Comos is certainly an improvement over the original HTC Vive. It is more expensive than devices like the Oculus Rift, but it is marketed as a higher-end headset. The headset is reportedly “primed for the present and the future”.

Although the headset is a bit pricier, HTC has an offer to sweeten the deal. Consumers who pre-order the device before its release date will receive a free 12-month VIVEPORT Infinity membership. The HTC Vive Cosmos will be available on October 3rd for $699 USD.