HTC Preps Windows RT Tablets to Compete with iPad

HTC's first love affair is with Android, but that doesn't mean the mobile handset and tablet maker isn't willing to flirt with Windows. That much was obvious when the company launched its Windows Phone 8X and 8S devices. Looking ahead, HTC also plans to a pair of Windows RT tablets.

One of those will be a 12-inch tablet, according to Bloomberg. That would make it one of the bigger tablets on the market, and though details are sparse, we wouldn't be shocked if it included (or supported as an add-on) a keyboard dock with ports and other amenities that would allow it to act as a notebook.

HTC Flyer
Like the Flyer (pictured above), HTC plans to unveil a 7-inch Windows RT tablet.

A little more interesting is HTC's plan to launch a 7-inch tablet built around Windows RT. It would be the first Windows RT tablet of that size, and it would go toe-to-toe with Apple's iPad (as well as the handful of 7-inch Android tablets in the wild, like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD).

Both tablets are tentatively scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2013.