HTC One M9 Ad Campaign Derails With Cringe-Worthy Assault On Apple, Samsung

What is it with big technology companies putting out horrendous advertisements? Microsoft has a long history of ads that miss the mark, everything from signing up Jerry Seinfeld to go shopping for shoes to the downright bizarre that defy explanation, and it looks like HTC is trying hard to follow in Microsoft's footsteps. HTC's latest attempt at marketing its flagship phone, the One M9, is a fictional drug called Cellami, or metalidone boomsoundide. No joke.

Cellami is for people who struggle with afflictions known as bi-phonal displeasure disorder, SAD (Samsung Affective Disorder, or iOS (irritable operating system), not to be confused with bipolar disorder, the other SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and irritable bowel syndrome. It's a nearly two-minute spot that mimics any of the several drug commercials that frequently air, complete with softly played background music, disclaimers ("Cellami is not approved for use by patients aged 42-44" -- what?), and side effects.

Cellami Screenshot

At best, it's an off-putting video that tries a little too hard to be funny but both misses the mark and goes on for too long. And at worst, it's an offensive or at least insensitive parody to those who suffer from depression and other mental diseases, complete with suicide jokes.

"Call your doctor if you experience frustration, anger, or thoughts of cellucide after using Cellami," the ad says.

Growing up in a home in which both my parents worked as counselors and social workers, I'll admit I may be a little sensitive to poking fun at mental health issues in order to promote a smartphone, but it just seems in poor taste to use a suicide joke. And for one reason or another, I'm not the only one who's turned off by HTC's attempt at humor -- at the time of this writing, the video has 559 dislikes compared to 486 likes on YouTube.

"That's it, it's official. HTC makes the worst phone ads in history!!!," one user commented.

The punchline comes at around the 1min19sec mark in it's revealed that if you're currently taking HTC One M9, you don't need Cellami. "You're totally fine. Seriously. Your phone is the best. Go enjoy your life," the ad's narrator says.

You're better than this, HTC.