HTC One Available on Verizon Starting August 22, $199 on Contract

The HTC One has become something of a comeback device for a company that has stumbled upon tough times. While the HTC First has been forgotten, the HTC One has received tons of praise from both the technology press and consumers alike. That said, one giant American carrier has yet to carry the phone, which has no doubt hindered its ability to truly rival handsets such as the iPhone and Galaxy S4 in terms of raw unit sales. That carrier is Verizon Wireless, and it's finally hopping onto the HTC One bandwagon.

Starting August 22, the LTE-enabled, Android-powered phone will hit Verizon shelves. The price? $199.99 on a new or renewed 2-year contract. Otherwise, specifications remain the same as what you'll find elsewhere. Even thought it's late to the party, it's good to see a flagship HTC phone making the complete rounds.