HTC Launching Mobile Vive VR Headset For U Ultra Flagship Smartphone This Year

It's becoming increasingly clear that HTC is putting a lot of its weight behind virtual reality (VR), and it's no doubt for good reason. The company is currently responsible for one of the best VR kits on the market (HTC Vive), and with the entire VR realm growing at an alarming rate, the company stands to benefit handsomely for its efforts.

HTC Vive headset

For that reason, it's not a surprise to learn that HTC is planning to release more VR headsets in the future; but its next product is going in a slightly different direction. It's not going to be a true Vive successor, and it's not going to be a "copycat" device, which means it's not going to be HTC's take on the Google Daydream View or Samsung Gear VR.

So what will it be? At this point, it's all a guessing game. If it's not a high-end headset, and not a low-end headset, it seems like it could become a "mid-range" device. But at the same time, the device is said to be compatible with HTC's upcoming flagship U Ultra smartphone, meaning it is at least "mobile VR".

htc u ultra 3
HTC's upcoming U Ultra smartphone

Complicating our guesses further, HTC's president of Global Sales Chia-lin Chang said that it's "not a phone slapped onto a headset". Our curiosity is definitely piqued, and given what we've seen from the Vive, we can't wait to see what HTC actually has in store.