HTC Launches $7/Month Viveport Subscription VR App Service, Knocks $100 Off Vive Headset

vive promo for one year anniversary
The HTC Vive is turning one and HTC plans to celebrate the birthday in a big way. The company will offer a number of freebies and a few new releases on “Vive Day”, which takes place April 5th. One of these freebies includes a Viveport Subscription, a new VR app service.

Viveport Subscription is the first subscription service tailored to a VR app store. The service will cost $6.99 USD a month and customers will be able to choose or rotate five apps. Viveport Subscription will initially launch with more than fifty titles, including TheBlu, Richie’s Plank Experience, Everest VR, Fantastic Contraption, and Mars Odyssey. Customers will also have the option to purchase apps that they enjoy. Viveport Subscription therefore, for the fee of $6.99 a month, allows customers to try out new apps before fully committing to purchasing them. Customers who are interested in the service will be able to snag a free month of the subscription on April 5th. 

Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport at HTC, remarked, “The rapid growth of the app market is a win for VR overall yet it can present discoverability challenges that affect both customers and content creators. Introducing a subscription model to VR is a natural evolution of where this market is going, and as film, music and TV have proven it’s becoming the preferred way customers want to explore and experience entertainment content.”
viveport subscription register april5

Like Bilbo Baggins, HTC will also give out a number of gifts on this birthday. All year-one Vive purchasers will be able to receive a free copy of Vive Studios Arcade Saga. Arcade Saga includes three game types that are inspired by pinball, table tennis, and archery. Each game type also includes online multiplayer and a 84-level campaign mode. This offer will only be available on Vive Day, so interested customers will need to act quickly. On Vive Day, new customers will also receive $100 off the Vive. 

You can sign-up for the Viveport Subscription here.