HP's Omen X Emperium Is The First Of NVIDIA's Massive 65-inch 4K 144Hz HDR Gaming Displays

hp omen x emperium 1
Remember those NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD) 4K HDR behemoths that were first announced back at CES 2018? While NVIDIA and its partners hoped to get products out the door sometime in 2018, the initiative was officially delayed in late August,with NVIDIA saying that products would begin shipping in 2019.

Well, 2019 is here and we present to you the Hewlett-Packard Omen X Emperium. Although it's showing up a year late, the first of the massive NVIDIA-backed gaming displays looks to impress. For starters, the Omen X Emperium measures 65 inches diagonally, and is of course backed by NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR technology for fluid gameplay. Oh, and did we mention that you can crank the refresh rate up to 144Hz?

hp omen x emperium 2

Given that the Omen X Emperium was designed to push 4K content at higher than 60 fps, it includes a full-size DisplayPort 1.4 connector in addition to three HDMI 2.0 ports on the back. HDR10 support is included with a peak brightness rating of 1000 nits. Also thrown into the mis is a built-in 3.1 soundbar along with LED lighting on the back of the display that can color sync with the content that is currently being played back. This is done automatically without needing user intervention. Oh, and there is a total of four USB ports, two of which are used to charge your devices.

hp omen x emperium 3

And if that wasn't enough, there's a full-blown NVIDIA SHIELD TV media streamer built into the display, which gives it one of the best Android TV experiences available on the market. And given this fact, the remote that comes in the box looks like the remote that you'd find inside the box of... well, a SHIELD TV.

All of this gaming and entertainment doesn't come cheap, however, and HP says that it will ship this February priced at $4,999.