HP to Embed Leap Motion Controller Into Select PCs

Leap Motion is hustling; after securing a bundling deal with ASUS and announcing the availability of its standalone gesture controller later this spring, the company announced that its technology will be embedded into select HP computers.

This summer, HP will offer the same sort of bundling deal that ASUS offers, where the Leap Motion controller will ship with certain PCs; however, at some point in the relatively near future, HP will embed Leap Motion technology into HP devices, which is significant. Which devices will get the Leap Motion treatment and when remains to be seen.

Leap Motion controller

As part of the bundling deal, the HP PCs will include Leap Motion’s Airspace as well as access to Leap Motion’s app store.

The Leap Motion controller is a 3D gesture control that claims to be able to track movements of ten digits down to 1/100th of a millimeter with no lag at 290 FPS. The standalone controller is up for preorder at Amazon UK for £70.