HP Releases Version 3.0.4 webOS Update For TouchPad Tablet

Remember the HP TouchPad? That was arguably the last webOS consumer product to ever go out, neck-and-neck with the Pre 3 in select markets. HP decided to toss those on a fire sale in order to clear inventory, and now the company's just hoping we all forget that webOS ever existed. Or are they? In a move that could have only come directly from left field, HP has announced on their official blog that webOS 3.0.4 is now being pushed out to TouchPad devices.

That's right: a software update for a deceased product. Things like this happen from time to time, but it's particularly strange on a product that died such a spectacularly fiery death. The new build is pretty important, too, adding the ability to pair with non-webOS phones (and answer them as well). It also brings about a refreshed camera app, support for OGG music files, and on+offline messaging status support.

As most of these point updates do, HP mentions that v3.0.4 adds performance enhancements and UI improvements, as well as an enhanced Skype video call feature. Too bad it's hard to get excited -- you can't even buy these things any more.