HP Launches New dv6500 CT Special Ed Notebook

Core 2 Duo-based notebooks abound these days and along with Asus, IBM and Dell, HP has always offered innovative designs that can be attention-grabbers with the HH editorial team.  We hereby summon the HP team to provide us with one of these gems for testing and evaluation.  T7100 processor, 15.4 wide screen and special casing.  That is a tasty burger... 
"'Round these parts, we can't help but show a little extra love for anything slapped with an oh-so-coveted "limited edition" label, and for folks in the market for a new HP laptop (and residing in Japan, by the way), here's one especially for you. The dv6500 CT Special Edition is said to be limited to 1,000 units and will reportedly sport a 15.4-inch LCD, an Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 processor, VGA output, several USB ports, and a 1,280 x 800 resolution panel -- but it sounds like everything else can be customized to your liking."

Supposedly only 1,000 of these will be made, so act fast if you interested.  Our opinion is, notebooks are like trains...  There's always another one coming but this one sure is purty.

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