HP HDX 18t Premium Series 18" Notebook Review

HP's HDX 18t Premium Series Notebook is a mammoth 18" desktop replacement machine with a wealth of multimedia-targeted features and capabilities on board. With a stylish, glossy exterior, large keyboard area with touch-sensitive illuminated buttons, a TV tuner and remote control, this machine screams Media Center PC. It has a fair bit of gaming under the hood as well, with NVIDIA's GeForce 9600M GT powering its graphics subsystem. It's a well-rounded machine at a fair price ($1599 as tested), that will serve a multitude of usage scenarios for the family or power user with perhaps the exception of hardcore gaming solely focused on frame rate. All told we think the HP HDX 18t is a solid value for the money, is well built and specified and with stylish good looks, it will dress up the coffee table quite nicely...

HP HDX 18t Premium Series 18" Notebook Video Review
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