Here’s How To Get In On Amazon Prime Priority Access To Xbox Series X And PS5 Inventory

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Amazon is giving its Prime members priority access to Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 console purchases through the end of the year. While this may put off non-members, it'll likely be a great perk for members that have been struggling to score a new game console in time for Christmas.

Since their respective launches, it has been difficult to purchase Microsoft's and Sony's latest consoles due to the pervasive shortages affecting the industry. Entire Twitter accounts have been dedicated to alerting those seeking an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 in hopes of being quick enough to snag one before stock disappears, which is almost immediately. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and GameStop have tried devising schemes to keep scalpers and bots from devouring the inventory before actual gamers can have a chance, with minimal success. Now, Amazon has entered the fray and is giving its Prime members priority access to restocks of the elusive consoles.

Amazon offers its Prime membership for $12.99 a month, or $119 a year. If you happen to have an EBT card you can get a discounted membership for Prime at $5.99 each month. But if you have never had a Prime membership, or have an email that has never been used for one, you can get a 30 day free trial. The free trial would give you plenty of time to take advantage of the priority access through the end of the year and the opportunity to try out all the other perks to membership.

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Courtesy: Amazon

Because Amazon is making this move now, the company is likely expecting a restock of the consoles at some point before the end of the year. You will still have to be quick enough to take advantage of any restock, but even a slim chance is better than none at all. As of right now, both consoles are out of stock.

There are recommended Twitter accounts to follow if you want to receive alerts when restocks occur. A few of those are: @CameronRitz, @PS5restocks_etc, @XboxStockAlerts, and @Jake_Randall_YT. These accounts have been pretty good at staying on top of restocks and letting their followers know about them quickly.

Another avenue that some have taken -- and been successful in obtaining a PlayStation 5 -- is by registering with PlayStation Direct for an opportunity to buy the console. By registering, you will be placed on a list to receive an email when private sales of the console take place. The email will give a day and time when the sale will occur. On that day you will click on the link in the email and then be placed randomly in a queue for a chance to purchase a console. While this is not a guaranteed way to obtain one of Sony's consoles, it does keep scalpers and bots from being able to wipe the inventory out immediately. This method will require you to have a PlayStation account and only one console can be purchased through each individual account.

Placing priority access behind a paid membership may feel like a low blow to some, but for those that have been trying to obtain one of the consoles since launch it may be well worth it -- especially with Prime, since the perks essentially pay for the membership (and then some). Keep in mind that this will not guarantee you either of the consoles, but at the very least it is another potential opportunity, with a smaller pool of consumers to compete against.

If you know of any other methods for purchasing a next gen console that are easier or more readily available than traditional methods, feel free to share with others down in the comments. Hopefully any and all that are seeking to purchase a next gen console will be able to do so soon.