How to Get Deep Bass, DFI K8M800-MLV (VIA K8M800), and more!

Well I just finished HL2 a few hours ago. It's a great game with a questionable registration system(That's right folks, I'm talking about STEAM). After this post, I'll be off to record some time demos and then do some benchmarks. With the Doom3, Source, and Cry Engine available for developers, gamers will be in for a real treat in the next year or so!

How to Get Deep Bass @

"Retrieving real deep bass and reproducing it in your home theater or listening room at real-life levels is not easy. In fact, there are laws of physics that dictate how deep a subwoofer will extend its bass output, and as often as not some of these work against simple physical limitations of room size and placement."

Cooljag 2QC/180 1U Socket 478 Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech

"Following along with our look at some new 1U coolers, Frostytech will be testing out the CoolJag 2QC/180 1U socket 478 skived copper heatsink in this review. The 2QC/180 is actively cooled with a 15mm-thin squirrel cage fan that intakes air through the body of the heatsink, before exhausting it out through another set of copper fins."

Samsung ML-2251N Laser Printer @ XYZ Computing

"The ML-2215N is geared towards the small-office / home-office consumer set, and certainly has a feature set to back that up. Its footprint is on the larger side as far as a home user would be concerned, coming in at 14.1" x 17.8" x 10.9" (W x D x H).The main tray is located on bottom and can hold half a ream (250 sheets) of standard paper."

Linkworld LPG8-43-P4 430W PSU @ PimpRig

"The power connectors on this unit are a bit lacking in my opinion. In addition to the ATX, P4 and Aux connectors there are only four 4 pin molex and two floppy drive connectors. I know for a fact that almost everyone here needs more than four molex connectors."

Corsair PC-4400 Platinum Series Dual Channel Memory Video Review @ 3dGameMan

"The Corsair PC-4400 Platinum Series Dual Channel Memory has a blistering fast default speed of 275MHz or 550MHz DDR. The memory timings at this speed are 2.5-4-4-8, which will result in amazing memory performance. While this default speed is very impressive it can be pushed even higher. If you need memory to reach the extreme, then this is it. Watch the Video to find out more..."

DFI K8M800-MLV (VIA K8M800) @ HardwareZone

"DFI breaks from belting out LANParty after LANParty to bring us a value entry board based on the VIA K8M800 chipset for the Athlon 64. With similar features to the K8T800 plus integrated graphics, DFI aims to bring 64-bit computing to the masses."

Steelpad S&S Mousepad @ MHW

"Removing the wrapper and opening the box itself you find that the S&S mousepad is encased in a black nylon dual zippered sleeve, with a logo on the bottom left corner. Since the S&S is advertised as a gaming mousepad and will probably see a fair amount of LAN gaming travel this makes sense, since a single deep large scratch could well make the pad unusable for that purpose."

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