Here's How To Enable Google Assistant On Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

samsung watch
Samsung and Google have announced that owners of a Galaxy Watch 4 can now download Google Assistant onto their smartwatch. The addition of Google Assistant gives users an added option to Bixby in terms of a voice assistant.

The update allows Google Assistant to co-exist peacefully with Samsung's Bixby assistant. The notable absence of Google Assistant made the Galaxy Watch 4 feel more distinctly Samsung to some. However, this will come as great news for anyone who prefers Google's assistant over Bixby.

The news comes on the heels of Google announcing its own Pixel smartwatch. It was first spotted out in the wild on a couple of occasions before a leaked image appeared online late last month.

galaxy watch
Image Courtesy of Samsung

Any speculation of whether or not the Pixel smartwatch was real was laid to rest at Google I/O 2022, as Google officially announced its upcoming Pixel Watch. The smartwatch is said to be Google inside and out.

When it comes to how Samsung and Google will compete in the smartwatch market, the two will face off in terms of hardware and design. However, the two tech giants will continue to partner in the development of Wear OS.

If you are wanting to switch from Bixby to Google Assistant, make sure your smartwatch is updated and you should be able to add Google Assistant through the Google PlayStore. The latest version of Wear OS is expected to be available for other smartwatches from Fossil, TicWatch and other makers later in the year.

Which voice assistant do you prefer to use, Google Assistant, or Bixby? Let us know in the comments and why you prefer one over the other.

Top Image Courtesy of Samsung