Google Unveils Pixel Watch, Is Time Running Out For Apple Watch's Dominance?

Google Pixel Watch
It's hard to believe that in the year 2022, Google still has not released a wearable of its own. That's about to to change, and we're not basing that on rumors or speculation. Announced at its Google I/O 2022 event today, Google finally threw its hat into the wearables ring with its upcoming Pixel Watch, the first smartwatch built by Google inside and out.

What about the acquisition of Fitbit several years ago? Not to worry, Google says, the product lines will coexist with one another. This is similar to what Apple does with its own audio products and its separate Beats headsets and earbuds.

As was previously tipped, Pixel Watch sports a circular face flanked by a side button and a tactile crown. Google is promising it will ship with a improved version of Wear OS 3 with a refreshed user interface (UI), along with replaceable bands (via a proprietary connecting mechanism) and recycled stainless steel construction.

Not only will the Pixel Watch coexist with Fitbit, it will have a level of Fitbit integration that extends beyond just the watch faces. Users will be able to sync their data to track their health and fitness goals, get insights, and more.

Most other details are not yet known, though Google some of the confirmed details relate to Wear OS 3, such as offline Maps, Emergency SOS, and a new Google Wallet, all of which are headed to the Pixel Watch.

We'll have to wait and see how pricing shakes out. Likewise, it will be interesting to see if Pixel Watch can cut into Apple's dominance in the smartwatch space. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple retained its market share lead in 2021 with the Apple Watch lineup accounting for nearly a third (30.1 percent) of all smartwatches, followed by Samsung in a distance second at 10.2 percent.