How Old Are You In Moroccan Jail Years?

Well,earlier this week we told you about the internet pirate software king going to jail for seven years.That doesn't sound like much fun at all. We could make a very long list of things that sound like more fun than that. What would be on the very short list of things less fun than that?

How about two years in a Moroccan jail for mucking up everybody's business with a computer worm?

A Moroccan court on Tuesday jailed two men for one and two years for unleashing computer worms that disrupted networks across the United States, court officials and lawyers said. The court in Sale, twin city to the Moroccan capital Rabat, convicted 19-year old science student Farid Essebar and his friend Achraf Bahloul, 22, for their role in creating and spreading the Zotob worm last year.

I'm glad that persons that unleash such worms get jail time. The amount of damage done approaches crimes like arson or robbery at this point. We should treat these IT monkeywrenchers just as harshly.

I imagine a year in a Moroccan jail is like seven years in one of ours. I suggest we coin a new term for referring to PowerPoint presentations that go too long:

"How long is that in Moroccan jail years?"

Read the whole thing here.

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