How Does The iPhone 8’s Edge-to-Edge Display Stack Up To Galaxy S8 And iPhone 7?

As the launch of the iPhone 8 draws nearer with each passing day, the rumors surrounding Apple’s next-generation flagship are starting to hone in on single design theme and feature set. This is becoming more apparent thanks to some new leaks that have made their way to the internet.

The first leak compares the new iPhone 8 not only to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but also with Samsung’s red-hot Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Compared to its siblings, the iPhone 8 is slightly larger than the iPhone 7, but much less of a behemoth than the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the iPhone 8’s screen is still larger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus, which shows just how much screen real estate is wasted by the massive bezels on Apple’s current generation flagships.

iPhone 8 iDrop 2

Bucking Apple’s usual trend of making its devices thinner, the iPhone 8 is allegedly noticeably thicker than its predecessors. While the iPhone 7 measures just 7.1mm thick, the iPhone 8 measures in at 7.57mm thick. That’s even thicker than the 7.3mm iPhone 7 Plus, so we’re hoping that the extra girth will go into adding a larger battery for the device. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are a bit on the stingy side with regards to battery capacity — at least compared to their Android rivals — at 1960 mAh and 2900 mAh respectively.

iPhone 8 iDrop 1

Compared to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, the iPhone 8 is closer in size to the former, coming in a little wider, a tad shorter and slightly thinner. 

A separate leak of CAD drawings gives us a look at both the front and rear of the iPhone 8 (there’s thankfully no sign of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor). Up front, we see no less than four sensors clustered around the earpiece, one of which is a FaceTime HD selfie camera. Also, confirming previous leaks we have seen regarding the iPhone 8, it appears that the edge-to-edge display actually flanks the upper sensor pod, leaving a gap similar to, but larger than what is seen on the recently unveiled Essential Phone from Andy Rubin.

Another set of Twitter renders shows the final shape of the device from the front and the back. Also visible is the rear-mounted, vertically-arranged dual camera setup with a central LED flash. Of course, all of these CAD drawings and renders are speculative at this time, but they at least give us a general idea of what to expect once September rolls around.