Hotmail & Gmail: Clash Of The Gigabytes

When Gmail was first announced, with its 1 GB limit, it certainly made news.  Since then Hotmail (Now Windows Live Hotmail), Yahoo Mail, and Gmail have all been increasing the storage capacity of both their free accounts and the pay-for accounts.

Now Microsoft is jumping from 2 GB to 5 GB in a move to outdo Gmail.  We're eagerly awaiting Gmail's response.
“The limit for a free Windows Live Hotmail account will increase from 2GB to 5GB. The change will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks along with a series of other upgrades, wrote Ellie Powers-Boyle, a Microsoft program manager, on a company blog.

Google offers around 2.8GB of storage space for a free account. Last week, Google began selling storage space that can be used for either its Gmail or Picasa photo-sharing services for $20 a year for another 6GB. It also offers more expensive plans.

Under the new changes, Microsoft will let users store 10GB of e-mail data for a $14.99 annual subscription. Those subscribers will also get a new feature: the ability to forward e-mail from their Hotmail account to a Gmail or other e-mail account.”
The list of things that used to cost money and are now free/ad-supported online is amazing.  It could certainly be argued that it all started with e-mail services.  Since then it has moved on to word processors, media editors, and spreadsheets.  Thanks for blazing the trail fellas.
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