HotHardware's Skulltrail Sweepstakes Winner

A couple of weeks ago, we announced an exciting sweepstakes in which we planned to give away an absolute Beast of a system, based on Intel’s powerful Skulltrail platform.  The response we received after the announcement was absolutely incredible, with hundreds of new members joining our community, posting thousands of comments throughout the forum and news.  Well the dust has settled and we’ve picked a winner.

Are you ready for it?  Drumroll please...And the Winner Is…


Congrats!  You've just scored yourself a killer Skulltrail rig brother!  On a side note, we feel this sweepstakes has been such a success, that we'll be doing similar giveaways on a regular basis from now on.  We TRULY thank you all for participating and taking the time to join our community and add to the discussions.  We liked how this worked out so much that Dave and I are planning to announce the next giveaway sometime soon.  No, it won't be another Skulltrail system, but it will be a full rig, complete with some hot new hardware.  Stay Tuned.