HotHardware's Recent Blogs and Video Channel

Just in case you have missed some of the recent additions to, we wanted to draw your attention to a couple of new sections on the site that are sure to be of interest to many of you. You'll notice on the home page, a couple of tabs have been added to main content area labeled Recent Blogs and Recent Videos. There are also couple of new buttons in the main navigation bar under the logo at the top of every page of the site. As their names imply, those tabs and buttons with take you to recent blog posts from the HotHardware staff or the latest video spotlights that will accompany our written content.

So far, Dave, Mike and I have all blogged about various things ranging from our summer vacations to id's upcoming FPS / Racing hybrid, Rage. But a couple of other members of the team will be contributing to the blog section soon as well. Our new video channel features two new videos from Dave himself. The first is a quick, funny intro bit that explains what we hope to accomplish with our video spotlights and the second is an up-close and personal look at Dell's flagship XPS M1730 DTR gaming notebook.

If you haven't already checked out new blogs and video channel, please take the time to poke around and give us some feedback either right here or in our discussion forum--we're always here to respond to reader questions and concerns and would love to hear what you all think. Thanks!