"Giving Thanks" - FREE Stuff!


It's that time of year again... the time of year when we *sniff* reflect back on our charmed existence here at Team; our opportunities to play with the hottest new technologies on the market and of course being blessed with you, our faithful (and might we add extremely good-looking) readers, who are simply the best on the planet!

From now through the US Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, we're giving away FREE STUFF!  Thaaaat's right! Santa has come early for all you Geek-Boys and Girls and we're here to spread the wealth!

HH Tees!!

HH Case Badges!

HH USB Flash Drive!

We have some basic, simple rules to be eligible for the promotion and a chance to win some FREE HH schwag.  First, we'll be choosing winners randomly and reporting the winners in separate, dedicated forum thread, so check back here OFTEN.  Second, participation in News comments and discussion will without doubt increase your chances of being selected and winning.  We have several dozen of these prizes so your chances are good.  All you need to do is participate in the HH Community News comments threads and you could easily win!