HotHardware Never Tires Of Chip Pricewars

AMD has announced a price reduction for a bevy of its single and double core Athlon 64 processors for desktop computers.  The discounts range from 5 to 28 percent.

AMD has announced the price reductions in order to clear inventory in preparation for the upcoming launch of its Phenom CPUs, noted sources at motherboard makers.

However, with the transition to next-generation platforms to take place soon, the price reductions will not affect demand much in the fourth quarter. In addition with the ongoing parts shortages, shipments performance in the fourth quarter should hold level or slightly drop compared to last year, added the sources.

AMD is caught in a revolving door of beatings from Intel lately. When they cut prices to gain market share, they lose profit, and their share price suffers. If they hold the line on price, they lose out on revenue. So the pressure for AMD to compete with Intel means lower prices for consumers. Unless AMD runs out of money. Full list of prices at the link.